Friday, August 11, 2006

Mt. San Jacinto State Park
Peak Hike
near Palm Springs, CA.
May 2006

This trip proved to be more difficult than originally thought.

First, environmental conditions (i.e. altitude). We were going to hike from about 8,000 ft. above sea level to about 10,500 ft. We took a tram from the valley floor (1,000 ft. above sea level) to the station at 8,000 ft. and started our hike to the peak from there. So, altitude was obviously going to be a point of stress on the hike. We were not really allowing any time for acclimitization.

Secondly, were were bringing my mother along. It was Brad, Lissa (my sister), our mother, Darrell and myself. Brad and I knew that our pace would be slowed simply because of the altitdue and terrain, but we also had to take into account my mother joining us. It turns out that we were way off in our calculations.

About 2 to 4 miles into the hike my mother needed to shed her pack. Darrell ended up taking the brunt of the load (we called hime "Pack Mule" after that). At the point where the weight was redistributed, I began to get worried about our saftey on this trip. I was unable to really take on any weight from my mother because my Gregory Ultralight pack is only rated for 25 lbs and I was already flirting with that limit before this incident. Luckily my brother's tent was able to accomidate 3 persons, so the uneven numbers really didn't effect our weight distribution too much.

At the point where we were waiting for the ...